Jungle Disk Cybersecurity Complete

$12.00 / month

Protect your online business with file backup, email archiving, a password manager, and awareness training.


Complete data protection:

  •  Computer backup for PCs, Macs, & Linux
  •  Network attached storage (NAS) backup
  •  Email Archiving with phishing alerts
  •  Cloud storage backup

Password security and team collaboration:

  •  Secure Unique Password Generator
  •  Password Groups & Sharing
  •  Chrome, Firefox, & Safari Plug-ins
  •  2-Step Verification
  •  Account Activity Logging
  •  Secure Password Encryption

Employee Security Awareness Training:

  •  Online Learning Management Portal
  •  Employee Cybersecurity Assessment
  •  Security Essentials Training
  •  Email and Instant Message Security
  •  Secure & Appropriate Social Media
  •  How to Defend Ransomware
  •  How to Safely Work Remotely
  •  Plus Simulated Phishing Attacks

Each subscription includes 10GB of cloud storage (with additional storage at $0.15 per GB per month)