Codeup Case Study

About Codeup

Codeup was started back in November of 2013, as a way to address the lack of developers available for hire. Codeup is an accelerator program that teaches students to be Full Stack Web Developers and Data Scientists in just 22-weeks. The goal of Codeup is to solve meaningful problems in the tech community through empowered learning opportunities.

Codeup’s San Antonio campus allows students to hone their skills, meet employer partners, and ultimately succeed in the tech industry. Students attend classes every Monday-Friday from 9-5 to learn the most important skills to make data-driven decisions as a Data Scientist or learn the front/back-end design and logic as a Web Developer.

The San Antonio campus is located in the historic Vogue building in the heart of Downtown San Antonio, and a powerful IT solution is a must for students’ success in lectures and labs.

The IT Challenge

Before coming to Modern Managed IT, Codeup worked with a smaller IT provider that was unable to support their growing internet demands as students enrolled and started taking classes on campus. As more laptops, tablets, and computers connected to the internet, they noticed a significant slowdown in internet speed and efficiency.

Codeup also felt that their “dedicated” account manager was dealing with a few too many accounts, and was unable to solve some of the immediate issues they were experiencing. Codeup was looking for someone who could come out and quickly respond to issues the same day.

The way that the original company initially set up Codeup’s internet infrastructure was confusing, overcomplicated, and ultimately left Codeup feeling trapped with an IT solution they didn’t fully understand or love. Overall, they felt that communication and collaboration were difficult.


The Modern Managed IT Solution

When Modern Managed IT stepped in, Codeup immediately recognized that they were more responsive and proactive. Modern Managed IT was able to dissect the confusing infrastructure that was created before and establish a system that was simpler and more accessible. Next, they then went on to tackle Codeup’s Wi-fi connectivity problems. 

Codeup works with two service providers, Spectrum and AT&T, to allow for internet redundancy. They had not been able to get everything connected under their old provider, so Modern Managed IT was able to step in and take over all communication between their service providers and get everything set up. Once this was up and running, Modern Managed IT was able to decrease the risk of failure in their system, and ensure network connectivity for students and employees at all times.

The Benefits

Modern Managed IT has ultimately saved Codeup time, money, and increased productivity. Modern Managed IT’s fixed prices are 50% less than the average industry, and they saved Codeup even more money when they found that they had been charged by their previous provider for work that had never been completed.

Once Modern Managed IT could ensure that Codeup’s Wi-Fi and other backup and security features were running smoothly, they then expanded into implementing and onboarding G Suite and other Google products that made days at Codeup more productive and efficient.

Now that Codeup has a dedicated team handling all of their IT management headaches, they can spend far less time trying to troubleshoot and solve IT issues, and spend more time focused on their students and classes. With Modern Managed IT, Codeup has gotten the service and quality of an exclusive in-house team for a fraction of the cost.

Favorite Modern Managed IT Features


Modern Managed IT worked directly with Codeup employees to configure their hardware, software, and connect with their network providers.


Modern Managed IT continues to provide ongoing maintenance including patches, updates, and network configuration support with a same-day response time.

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