How to: Graphical Email Signature in Google G Suite

Email Signatures are extremely important with our digital first world in 2020. Electronic communications have taken over and your email signature is your business card.

You should spend some some time or money in order to have a professional business email signature. I’ll show you how to use the tools that you have at your disposal within Google G Suite to create a nice signature. 

Step-by-step: Building an email signature in Google Docs

  1. Start by opening a new Google Doc and naming it. In this example I called it ’email signature’.
Under Insert you will find ‘table’ and use a ‘2×1 table’.

2. On the top menu, select ‘Insert, Table, and then use a ‘2×1”.

This is where you will build your custom signature.

3. You will see two rectangles where we will now build our signature.

Inserting an image in a Google Doc.

4. Next step is to insert an image, under the ‘Insert, Image’ menu and then select where you have your profile picture stored.

1×1 is my preferred picture size.

Pro Tip #1: Google supports editing images in Google Doc so you can adjust formatting without needing an image editor.

Finding free icons online for you to use is no problem. I used iconmonstr.

5. Next up is adding social media or other links you want to make available. Follow the same ‘Insert, Image’ process as adding in step #4 above.

Adding links to your social media is an awesome way to connect.

6. Adding links on the images in your signature is easy, just use the ‘Insert link’ menu item on the top bar, right click on the image, or you can highlight the image and press CTRL+K.

Pro Tip #2: The more links you have in your signature, the more it is likely for it to go to spam if you are not a contact in the inbox that you are emailing.

7. Next up I added our Modern Managed IT company logo to the right side column on our 2×1 table and below our logo I put my contact information.

Pro Tip #3: Keep it small, with a max of a 10 point font.

Now that you have added your picture to the left and info on the right.

8. The last step is to remove the borders on the able for a cleaner look. Select the table and then on the top menu, ‘Format, Table, Table Properties’. You’ll see the ‘Table properties’ configuration pop up, set the ‘Table border’ to ‘0 pt’ and it will vanish.

Pro Tip #4: Don’t include your email address in your email signature. Believe me, they have your email address already, after all, you are emailing them. Save space!

Step-by-step: Copy and paste of a graphical email signature to Gmail settings

  1. Open Gmail and open up settings using the gear icon on the top right and ‘See all settings’.
Gmail settings (gear icon).

2. Scroll down to ‘Signature’ and click ‘+ Create new’ and choose the name you want to use.

3. Go back to your Google Doc tab, select the signature, right click, ‘Copy’ or CTRL+C, and this will put the signature on your clipboard.

Go to your google doc, highlight signature.

4. Go back to the Gmail settings new signature and right click ‘Paste’ or CTRL+V to insert the signature we built in Google Docs into your Gmail signature window.

Paste to your signature in your Gmail signature field and save.

Pro Tip #5: You can control where your signature shows up and what emails it is automatically included on with the ‘Signature defaults’ settings.

5. Last step, test your new signature. Send an email to yourself on another account or to a colleague. View from desktop browsers, email clients, and mobile devices.

Pro Tip #6: Mobile devices including iPhone and Android support Dark Mode, make sure your signature looks great on both normal and dark.

Need Help?

Our team at Modern Managed IT are experts at using G Suite tools, including building email signatures for your brand to have a professional look in our digital world. If you’d like this taken care of for your business check our our Modern Managed IT Services.

Pro Tip #7: Have all employees use a consistent email signature for brand identity.

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