Office 365 and G Suite: Email Troubleshooting Tips

At Modern Managed IT, we are partners with Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite to resell and provide support on the services offered with the productivity suites in addition to other products. When it comes to issues with products and services for any company, you can always reach out to support for help.

  • Email Sending Issues – Having issues sending emails? The first thing you want to figure out is if you can send at all. Try doing some of these things:
    • Are you sending from a mail client like Outlook or Mac mail? These are third party tools that connect to your mailbox. Eliminating this from the flow of mail will help. Open up your mailbox in the browser and see if you can send from there.
    • If you are using a browser, are there any error messages that you are getting? These are usually telling in what can be wrong.
    • Are you getting bounce backs? A bounce back most of the time is something that can be wrong on the recipients side of things. It can mean that the address you are sending to does not accept mail from outside of the organization. This is a feature of both Microsoft and Google suites. Sometimes, it could be an honest misspelling of the name of who you are sending to.
  • Email Incoming Issues – Sometimes customers will have some issues with messages coming into their system. Some things to check are:
    • Eliminate the mail client (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.). These third party tools can sometimes drop connections being made to a mailbox so you want to check the source of the mailbox.
    • If you still are not seeing the messages, are you able to confirm with the sender that the messages are being sent on their end or are they getting bounce backs? If you have an alternate email, try sending from there to see if the message gets sent.
    • Check your MX records. Your Domain Name System (DNS) is what manages all the records for your domain. I’ve seen when MX records get changed or deleted when you change domain registrars or moving your DNS to a company that will be managing your website.
  • Email Delays – Every now and then, you will get an email that was delayed or a recipient that you sent to will complain about message delays. In either scenario, the best and most telling of where the message was delayed will be in the headers of the email. These can be difficult to read or may even just look like gibberish. The headers give the details on the entire path the message took to get to the mailbox. Once that is determined, the appropriate actions can be taken to get that fixed.

The above tips and suggestions are excellent things to check on to help with any potential issues you may be having with email. Do you currently use Office 365 or G Suite? You can easily move your existing accounts over to Modern Managed IT so that we can help manage that for you and be able to give you support as well. It’s easy and painless to do transition your account, please reach out to us if you need any assistance or have questions!

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