Protecting Your Router from Hackers: Need a Reboot?

One of the most important devices in your home or business may be one that you never see or think about. In most cases, it’s the first line of defense in your network security. If it’s vulnerable, your whole network is at risk of being compromised. I’m referring to your routers and nation-state hackers are successfully attacking them.

With the latest news of Russian hackers targeting home routers, now is the time to think about how you deal with patching and security of your device. Most vendors publish new firmware on a fairly frequent basis, typically through a support section of their website. Usually it’s as easy as downloading the firmware and then uploading the firmware through the administrative area on your router.

Another best practice you should follow is changing the default password on your router. There are literally millions of devices on the Internet that have been compromised because the attacker used the default password to gain entry. It only takes a few minutes to change your default password to something with higher complexity.

Your home or business network may be vulnerable due to the vulnerability of your router. It only takes a few minutes every month to ensure that your router is up-to-date. Spending a few minutes now will help you mitigate risks in the future. If you need help navigating how to reboot your router, please reach out to the Modern Managed IT team!

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