Ready, Set, Migrate: Transitioning to Microsoft Office 365 with Modern Managed IT

Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite are cloud productivity suites that Modern Managed IT can now help you migrate to and even help support and manage for you. If this is something that you have been considering, but are afraid of it being a daunting task, were are here to help. Give us a call so that we can help you understand the process and everything that would need to be considered for the move. You don’t have to take on that task alone!

Whether you are a one person shop or a small medium business, we can help make the transition a smooth one. Our team’s expertise will help you plan and organize the migration. We are here to not only for the migration but for ongoing support. Concentrate on your business, while we look after your Office 365 or G Suite as well as any other products your business is using for its data, productivity or security needs.

An effective migration launch comes in stages and when combining the needs of the company along with the expertise of a team of individuals that has migrated and deployed companies before only makes for a great transition. Here are some migration tips to think about:

  • Discover your must haves and wants for the migration.
  • What is the target date? You may need a few weeks to work on prep items.
  • How much email data needs to be migrated for the mailboxes? This can take days and the way we do it ensures there isn’t any down time or interruption.
  • Is there other data that needs to be migrated (files into OneDrive or Google Drive)?
  • Do you have groups or distribution lists (DL) that you need to have in place? Make sure to have the members of those groups and DL’s already added prior to switch.
  • Users will need to know new login information. This can be given prior to go live date but you may want to consider this if another pass on the migration is needed. Some users can move items around or delete messages and that will re-populate the data as is on the source side if the migration pass is ran again causing frustration for your users.
  • Do you have a technical contact for go live date? It helps to have a certain amount of people (depending on the size of your organization) to be the point of contact. The Jungle Disk team can help with this as well.

We want to help make you successful so please reach out if you feel the need or just want to know more about the process in getting a cloud-based productivity suite along with data security that will keep your business’s data protected.

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