Do you know who’s watching or tracking your every move when you’re on public Wi-Fi?

More than likely, there are bad actors (hackers) out there without you knowing. Think about how many times you connect to a public Wi-Fi at the library, school or even a coffee shop without protecting your computer and data. Be careful, there may be prying eyes!

To help protect yourself and your data when on public Wi-Fi, we recommend using a remote access VPN.

Let’s first define a remote access VPN. A remote-access VPN connection allows the individual user to connect to a private network from a remote location using a laptop, desktop or mobile device using the internet, thus establishing a secure connection remotely. Data is “tunneled” and encrypted at each end providing a secured private network.

There are multiple benefits in using a remote VPN:

Bottom line

There are more benefits to VPNs than those listed above, but the most important safeguard is the ability to work from a secured network. This gives you peace of mind when using a public internet connection. At Modern Managed IT, we provide customized solutions, which include remote VPNs. Contact us if you would like to learn more!