With the increased reliability and speed of internet connections along the affordability of a backup circuit running systems in the cloud today has become a much better choice for businesses of all size as long as their technology team can execute a migration without disrupting operations.

While the cloud may be the best long term plan our team at Modern Managed IT understands not all systems or businesses are ready to go there today (as you may not have redundant internet with a SD-WAN capable internet gateway for your network yet).

Our team understands every business has a mix of technology in place which is why our Pro Plus service includes the management of all servers and systems you have today. We won’t show up and tell you that in order for us to provide technical support you have to buy hardware from a new vendor or change to a different software application.

Through our decades of experience we’ve seen everything from AIX systems running a complete company CRM and ERP to Linux servers of all types handling medical practice management to non-profits running donor and member management on a Windows server with IIS sitting in a broom closet on the floor next to a stack of boxes. With our straight forward and simple pricing taking care of all those systems costs the same and is covered by our Pro Plus managed service.

If your business is on the cloud or ready to go there with some or all of your systems we are partners with the leading cloud providers.

Google Cloud Partner

While Google is the newest major cloud provider to enter the market they aren’t new to cloud scale and cloud style operations (they’ve run an internal cloud named Borg since at least 2011 based on this research paper). With the years of internal operations prior to the creation of Google Cloud Platform they’ve been able to quickly build a feature rich platform for public use.

In addition to providing managed Google G Suite productivity. Our team is a partner who can deliver stand-alone cloud servers all the way through to multi-region high availability configurations with Google Kubernetes Engine. It is always free to have an assessment conversation with us determine if we are the correct partner to migrate, upgrade, or manage your systems on Google Cloud Platform.

Our team has experience with Microsoft Azure going all the way back to early access releases. We’ve seen all types of projects from new applications to the most complex hybrid migration setup for legacy systems.

One example, many businesses have a Microsoft Windows Domain Controller running in a server closet or colocation facility or third party data center. With Microsoft Azure it is now possible to run that Domain Controller for policy management as a service with Azure Active Directory Domain Services. Using a Standard User Forest configuration you can have a highly available multi-zone configuration for $109.50 per month sized to support nearly all small businesses. This is a great example where a move to the cloud likely saves you money while improving uptime and security.

Another example is Windows Virtual Desktop where you can allow employees to use their home computer to connect to a company and controlled managed system with Microsoft Office for less than $10 per employee per month (based on a 100 user configuration with 500 GB of storage and 1 TB of bandwidth)*.

If you are already running systems in Microsoft Azure and want a perspective on the configuration a consultation with Modern Managed IT is always free, just call or email us to get started.

*Requires Microsoft 365 Business Premium in order to remove additional Windows 10 license requirements for the $10 per employee pricing.