All IT companies make claims. But try to find complete pricing, service specs, and contract lengths on their websites. You won’t.

‘Facts up front’ is the Modern Managed Way:
  1. No Term Contracts—We work “At Will” for you. We are accountable to you every day. Because even though you don’t “hire” us you can always fire us!

“Lock-in contracts are the old outsourced way. Zero contracts is the Modern Managed way.”

  1. Simple Fixed Prices – 50% Less than Industry Average. Modern Managed IT services are  available on two levels depending each customer’s needs:
    • Pro: $49 per employee per month for complete support of laptop and desktop operating systems plus technical assistance for installed software and cloud applications.
    • Pro Plus: $79 per employee per month with added support for servers, mobile device management, and assistance with regulatory compliance including HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

“Request-a-Quote forms and ‘what’s your budget?’ pricing is the old, outsourced way. Up- front, fixed pricing is the Modern Managed Way.”

  1. Full-Time Certified Employees, Only. We do not use outside phone answering services or temp tech contractors to staff customer teams.

Part-time staff and call centers with scripted questions is the old, outsourced way. Full-time, certified technicians with the experience to solve problems is the Modern Managed Way.”

  1. Dedicated Modern Team Including their mobile numbers. You won’t deal with a remote dispatcher or a big pool of techs unfamiliar with your business. We provide every customer with their own, dedicated team—so techs are personally familiar with each customer. You can phone direct to your own named team members, just like your own staff.

“Sending ticket requests or dialing into a queue is the old, outsourced way. Having your own expert team on call is the Modern Managed Way.”

  1. Love Your IT or It’s FREE Guarantee. The industry’s best guarantee. We promise to deliver hassle-free, proactive, and effective IT or we will refund your monthly fee.

Hiding behind contract terms is the old, outsourced way. Problems solved or it’s free is the Modern Managed Way.”

No Other IT Provider Can Give You All This.

Modern Managed IT is the only provider delivering the technology solutions to small business in the Modern Managed Way.