Don’t know where to start optimizing your business’s data, network, communication, and software/hardware? Has your business had a recent rough transition to getting all team members working from home on remote devices?

That’s where we’re hoping to help!

Modern Managed IT offers tailored managed services for small & medium sized businesses who are looking to have a dedicated team of experts support their IT needs. Our service is great for businesses who need IT support, but would rather not start from scratch by searching for, paying and training their own full-time IT employee or team.

Our expert IT team will provide valuable insight and services that will address your business’s pain points: communication, security, revenue, operations, culture, research & development, records management or compliance.

As an alternative to hiring IT personnel, our team will be available during work hours to:

We are dedicated to small businesses and their success — our team would love to chat and answer any and all questions that you have for us. Reach out to our friendly team at +1 (888) 555-1212 or send an email to