Does Your Network Have These 3 Common Security Holes?

common security holes

Imagine that you’re installing a new building security system, but you’re not sure how it all works, so you just screw the keypads onto the door and assume you’re protected. Or, maybe you changed the default keypad code to the four digit address of your building to make it easy to remember. Very few business […]

4 Signs That Your Network May Have Been Hacked

network hacking

More than half of all small to mid-sized businesses have been hacked at some point, according to Hartford Steam Boiler, and three-quarters weren’t able to restore all of the lost data. The average company takes more than 200 days to detect a data breach, according to Ponemon Institute, which adds millions of dollars to the average […]

Adapting Your Customer Experience & Sales Tactics for the COVID-19 Age

customer experience in covid-19

I entered the workforce where most teenagers get their start, the food and beverage industry. It helped me develop many skills and it taught me how to stay positive in frustrating situations, but most importantly, the importance of successfully communicating with customers. Customer satisfaction and making sure they have the best possible experience have always […]

Why Do Small Businesses Need A Managed IT Solution?

small business modern managed it solution

Don’t know where to start optimizing your business’s data, network, communication, and software/hardware? Has your business had a recent rough transition to getting all team members working from home on remote devices? That’s where we’re hoping to help! Modern Managed IT offers tailored managed services for small & medium sized businesses who are looking to […]