Business Productivity Tools: Google G Suite or Microsoft 365?

business productivity tools

If you’ve ever done any research into business productivity tools, then you’ve definitely come across Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite. You may be using one right now. Perhaps you’re like most, and have used both, but still have no idea what they do, or why they even matter to a business. If that’s the […]

Remote Access VPN: How To Protect Your Data With a Remote VPN

remote access VPN

Do you know who’s watching or tracking your every move when you’re on public Wi-Fi? More than likely, there are bad actors (hackers) out there without you knowing. Think about how many times you connect to a public Wi-Fi at the library, school or even a coffee shop without protecting your computer and data. Be […]

Why Do Small Businesses Need A Managed IT Solution?

small business modern managed it solution

Don’t know where to start optimizing your business’s data, network, communication, and software/hardware? Has your business had a recent rough transition to getting all team members working from home on remote devices? That’s where we’re hoping to help! Modern Managed IT offers tailored managed services for small & medium sized businesses who are looking to […]