Spotlight: Insurance Innovator CyberFortress Never Worries About IT Management

Modern Managed IT recently announced tailored managed IT services for small & medium sized businesses who are looking to have a dedicated team of experts to support their IT needs. Our new service is great for businesses who need IT support, but would rather not employ their own full-time IT employee or team.

So what does that mean for small businesses? Well, we asked one of our first managed IT clients, CyberFortress, a startup that’s working to build an online revenue interruption insurance policy targeted to e-commerce companies. If your business’s website goes down, most insurance policies don’t cover the money you should’ve been making in that missing time. CyberFortress wants to change that by making insurance policies that compensate business owners for lost online transactions.

One of the main services we offer is configuring and optimizing business’s productivity suites, typically through either Google or Microsoft, as it’s a starting point for many businesses. Grant Herbon, CyberFortress’s Director of Operations said, “We use Google G Suite and that was easy enough for us to get up and running quickly, but as we got closer to launch and we realized we needed to understand the ‘enterprise’ capabilities of G Suite, we thought that we could use a little more help. Then a couple of us needed Microsoft Office, which turns out is not as easy as just buying a software install.”

But as they worked on building the business, they ran into even more IT roadblocks: “Then we realized help with a password manager. Then we realized we need help with security and compliance. Then we needed help with a ticketing system. The list got longer and longer, and Modern Managed IT came through with expertise on everything that we needed,” said Herbon.

Compliance and security are big, complicated issues for many of our customers. Industries like insurance, law, finance and medicine are legally required to follow certain protocols with their technology and data in order to keep it safe, and we’re here to guide you through the process of figuring it out and setting it up. Herbon echoed the value in that, saying, “Because we’re in insurance, there are a lot of security requirements that Modern Managed IT was able to help us understand.”

How is our managed IT service different from others? Our team really cares and prioritizes your needs. You will have the same constant, committed team every time you reach out. Herbon couldn’t have put it better: “Every interaction has been easy. Modern Managed IT has a lot of expertise, but when they don’t know something they don’t say ‘No, we can’t help you with that.’ They say they don’t know, but will research possible solutions and help out where they can. They’re great at managing expectations and communication.”

Wondering how the work’s been going now that they’ve got their IT needs handled? “We’re getting close to launch so we’re focused on that. We can’t wait to start serving our customers!” Herbon assured.

Well, we’re definitely excited for their launch and to see how they change the insurance game for e-commerce businesses! To find out more about Modern Managed IT’s services, email or give one of our friendly experts a call to chat at (210) 555-1212.

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