‘Tis the season to be Cyber Aware

It’s been a tough year but don’t let your guard down this holiday season, cybercriminals sure don’t. Here are some simple things you can do to stay protected when traveling or buying gifts online. Safety tips for this holiday season Use a secure network/Wi-Fi – Hopping on a public Wi-Fi network while waiting for your […]

How to: Graphical Email Signature in Google G Suite

Custom Email Sig V2

Email Signatures are extremely important with our digital first world in 2020. Electronic communications have taken over and your email signature is your business card. You should spend some some time or money in order to have a professional business email signature. I’ll show you how to use the tools that you have at your […]

Moving to Google G Suite or Microsoft 365? Consider 5 things before you do.

google g suite

If you aren’t running a modern cloud based collaboration and email your teams are not working together as efficiently as they could. 1. Why switch from what you have today? Change for the sake of change isn’t what we really need in 2020. There are many reasons a person or company might want to start […]

Google Groups and Aliases: How To Spend Wisely and Efficiently

google groups and aliases

One of the many challenges a small business faces is deciding where to spend their operating budget. No one ever questions spending money on communications tools — email in this case. These tools are essential for the success of a business as it ensures that your business stays in communication with internal and external partners, […]

Office 365 and G Suite: Email Troubleshooting Tips

email troubleshooting

At Modern Managed IT, we are partners with Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite to resell and provide support on the services offered with the productivity suites in addition to other products. When it comes to issues with products and services for any company, you can always reach out to support for help. Email Sending Issues – Having issues […]

File Sharing Tips: Google Drive

file sharing tips google drive

Google G Suite Google Drive is an online storage solution for your files. You can virtually store any type of file and Google has their own native applications (Docs, sheets, slides, etc) that you can save files through as well. A few helpful and user-friendly features that come with Google Drive are: File and Folder […]

File Sharing Tips: Microsoft OneDrive

microsoft one drive sharing tips

Office 365 Like Google Drive, OneDrive is an online storage solution for your files that can house almost any type of file. If you are on the right subscription, you will also have access to all the Microsoft Office suite online and/or downloadable as well. Here are some tips for OneDrive that are very similar […]

How do I Protect My Data on Google Drive?

protect google drive data

Imagine that your internal bookkeeper manages invoices via Google Sheets since they’re free and easy to share. After a year, he or she decides to leave the company and you remove their G Suite account. You sign in the next month and notice that all of your invoices from last year are gone! Unfortunately, Google […]

Protect Your Network Gateway and Business Critical Data from Cyber Thieves

protecting critical network data

In case you are not familiar, ransomware is when cyber criminals hold digital data hostage by encrypting it and only releasing the data if the victim of the attack pays the ransom fee. Once the ransom is paid, cyber criminals provide a decryption key so the victim can then access the data. Keep in mind, […]